Cell-phone use and Cancer

tumblr_ll7lb44s6o1qbgwano1_500-150x150Over the past few days there has been heightened awareness of one of the risk associated with cellphone use, cancer.

Sharon Begley, a science columnist and editor, wrote a piece for The Daily Beast in which she makes 4 recommendations for mitigating the risk as follows:

  1. Use a headset, the speaker phone setting, or bluetooth (switch the bluetooth off between calls) during calls
  2. Follow the manufacturers warning on how far to keep a phone from your body
  3. Use texting, it keeps the phone far away from your brain and redces radiation exposure
  4. Buy your phones with attention to its specifric abosorption rate (SAR) – in the US the maximum allowed is 1.6

The FCC, Motorola, and CNET maintain databases of the SAR values for various manufacturers.

I wonder if I should throw away my bluetooth earpiece and buy a headset?