Supporting Workplace Diversity and Inclusion: Values and Beliefs

The course is designed to help attendees dig deep and unpack the workings of bias in a safe and inclusive learning space. Not only is it a chance to unpack their bias, but it is also a space to evaluate their knowledge, perspectives, and understanding of diversity and inclusion. Those two words have been misunderstood.

The toxic “isms” that plague our society are linked to the human condition. In other words, we are all subtly influenced by cultural doctrines based on mythical beliefs and one-sided hand-me-down stories that lead to a general disregard for the dignity and worth of others. The course employs the strategic use of questions to help participants think critically about their thinking.

From first to last, the course is about developing the skills, knowledge, behaviors, and attitudes that support inclusive public and private spaces.

Regardless of the format you choose (in class, webinar, or hybrid self-study & live facilitator), the training session contains three distinct yet connected modules: AwarenessAnalysis and Action.