People are Important

People are important.

A strong talented workforce can carry a company through tough times and cause it to over perform in good times.

Anyone aspiring to be an executive, manager, or supervisor needs to give mental ascent to the importance of people. People are valuable.

Valuing talent is not just about saying “good morning” or “please and thank you.” It’s about providing talent with a clear path. I think a Damon Gersh quote, I stumbled upon in a book called Lessons from the Edge, provides the key ingredients for valuing people by providing a clear path.

The leader’s job is: to set the tone and prioritize— to identify what’s important for the company, to clarify vision, direction, and values. I empowered people within the organization and brought on the best people I could get. I gave them guidelines, held them accountable, let them exercise their creativity and bring their experience to the table. I trusted them to use the guidelines to make important decisions.


People are Important

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