Your Social Awareness is Due for an Update

Do you feel 100% equipped and ready for conversations about today’s most talked-about, controversial topics? In today’s quickly changing world, certain topics, when brought up in a conversation, can make people uncomfortable. We sometimes don’t know how to talk about religion, for example, without accidentally stepping on someone’s toes. Here’s where training comes in.

When you think about it, our social awareness, just like our electronic devices, sometimes requires an update in order to be as equipped as possible for the changing environment. Before I continue directly on the topic of social awareness, I want to first unpack this timely metaphor because I believe doing so will effectively communicate the intended message here.

If you own a smartphone, computer or tablet, you have probably been notified by your device more than once that an update is available. They don’t always force you to update, but it comes highly recommended in order to maintain functionality. Eventually we do update our device because at some point we begin to run into problems. 


Technically speaking, updating your device keeps you safe from known security holes. In fact, by  not securing your programs through updating, you leave your system open to compromise, making your software vulnerable to error. Consider this now: Is your awareness of today’s social issues up-to-date? Or is it currently vulnerable to error? Filling the gaps in awareness can help you avoid doing or saying something that accidentally offends someone, and can also prevent a lot of unnecessary embarrassment.

At Breakview we strive to help people fill the gaps in awareness and we also provide and practice strategies for confronting your own personal bias as well as the biases of those around you.  I believe Maya Angelou said it best when she wrote the following:

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”