Emotions in the workplace – Part 2


Research has shown that there is a positive relationship between group emotional intelligence and  an organization’s operational and financial performance.

Menges and Bruch (2009) suggest the following ways an organization can foster group emotional intelligence:

  1. Employ adequate selection and promotion mechanisms such as emotional intelligence assessment
  2. Craft interview questions that assess the fit  of potential new hires with the emotional intelligent norms, values, and behaviors shared within the organization
  3. Only promote employees to higher positions based on emotional abilities
  4. Enable individuals to improve their emotional competencies through training
  5. Explicitly foster emotionally intelligent norms, values, and behaviors such as open communication, mutual respect, and a sense of identity
  6. Acknowledge the legitimacy of emotions in interactions



Menges, J.I., Bruch H. (2009). Emotions in Groups, Organizations and Cultures Research on Emotion in Organizations, Volume 5, 181–209