Making on demand Sensitivity Training work through ongoing dialogue

2013 Computer

There are other reasons apart from price for choosing the on demand format of our Sensitivity Training course, such as scheduling flexibility and the ability to integrate information at ones own pace.

Whatever the format – in class, webinar, or on demand –  we strive to help participants think about their thinking (meta-cognition).

Breakview has found a way to replicate the productive discussions that happens in a classroom setting (and can lead to thinking about thinking) while maintaining privacy and confidentiality. There is no messaging system in the course  in order to ensure a high level of confidentiality. Instead, we have incorporated a facility for private feedback, discussions, and conversations between the facilitator and participant on specific ideas relevant to sensitive practice.

The fancy term for the type of conversation is asynchronous, which means “not happening at the same time”. It comes from terminology used to describe how computers communicate. The opposite is synchronous which includes chat rooms, instant messages, and face-to-face discussions.

The facilitator initiates each conversation with the expectation of at least  2 iterations between the participant and facilitator.

Benefits of asynchronous conversations:

  1. The participant can take time to compose a reply with the potential for deeper thinking about their own thinking
  2. The discussion is private
  3. Conversation is contained within the course
  4. The communication is tightly integrated with the participant’s stated course goal
  5. Participants receive an email notifying them only of new entries to the conversation

Are you registering a group for on demand sensitivity training click here (the first person is the Admin, subsequent additions are students)