Clash of Personalities

Defense 1

No one enters the workforce a blank slate. We all have differing values, associations and even personalities. A good manager knows that in order to get things done, people need to be able to get along.

Here are 5 Steps for addressing a personality clash:

  1. Stop playing the blame game – blaming the other person for the clash is just an excuse not to address the reason for the conflict. Take ownership: you are part of the problem as well as part of the solution.

  2. Use “I” messages when speaking – Express your thoughts using “I” messages not “You”. For example say things like: “I think we are struggling to define the problem” or “I feel we are going in circles.”

  3. Find common ground – Start by focusing on what’s working in the relationship. Even try identifying some of the strengths the other person brings to the table. Spend time talking about what is working. Focusing on the positive, brings a new and refreshing energy into a relationship.

  4. Express your needs – Start small and have a rational ready. For example: “Because accurate information is important for addressing customer complaints, I need access to the call records.”

  5. Listen – sit back and listen to the other side of the story. Try not to interrupt.